The 5th edition (January 2010) of the Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography is now available for download:

I’ve changed the sections a little and shortened the links to save space. The page count is now at 187 pages.  There are many new sources from 2009, plus some older sources that I missed. Here’s what’s inside:

1. Ethnic Groups

2. Conflict and Mobilization: War, Ethnicity, Jihad, Taliban,
Factions, “Warlords,” etc… (Late 1970s to the present)

3. Islam: Political Islam, Sharia, “Jihad”, Sects and Religious Affairs

4. State-Building: The International Community, Reconstruction, Security,
Economy, Government and Development

5. Policy: Announcements, Recommendations and Criticisms

6. Opium: Cultivation, Drug Use and Trafficking

7. Land: Environment, Agriculture, Property Issues,
and Natural Resources

8. Human Rights

9. Women, Gender and Family

10. Military: Operations, Civil-Military Relations, PRTs and COIN

11. Security Sector: DDR, Militias, Afghan National Army and Police,
PMCs and Security Contractors

12. Population Movements: Refugees, IDPs and Migration

13. Health and Medicine

14. Education

15. Macro and Micro Economics

16. Public Opinion: Interviews, Study Groups, Polls and Surveys

17. Periodicals and Academic Journals

Think I missed a good source? Feel free to email and let me know. Just make sure to check the introduction to the bibliography for source standards to make sure it’s a source that I can include.

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